Volunteering at the Halter Center

Give back to support the future of the shooting sports

Exposing a new generation to the shooting sports is one of the Halter Center’s primary missions, and volunteers play a crucial role in achieving that goal. They help the center operate more efficiently, which can lead to more programs and attracting more individuals to the shooting sports.

Day-to-day operation

Our volunteers are crucial in helping the Halter Center run smoothly. These invaluable individuals complement employees by filling trap machines, cleaning buildings, and more. They also help assist instructors when classes are in session.


Events such as the Ladies for Liberty Seminar and Camp and the Great Lakes Side by Side could not be successful without the time volunteers provide. These generous individuals help with registration, food, leading machines, scoring, and more.

How to volunteer

The Halter Center is always looking for individuals to assist with day-to-day operations and events. Ideal volunteers have a passion for the shooting sports and want to give back. All that is required is a great work ethic and a desire to help others.

For more information about volunteering at the Halter Center, please contact the shooting sports coordinator.