Pistol and Rifle Range

The Halter Center’s temporary small arms range is located in the southeast corner of the sporting clays course. Once the permanent facility is complete, the temporary range will shut down.

Future Facilities

50-meter outdoor rifle and pistol range

The facility, which is in the planning stages, will have 10 lanes and “no-blue-sky” baffling. Panels are angled in such a way that shooters looking forward cannot see the sky. This allows sunshine in, while preventing stray rounds from exiting the range.

10-meter indoor Olympic air rifle and air pistol range

This range will be located within the proposed 25-meter indoor Olympic archery facility. Once built, shooters can take aim at targets that conform to 10-meter international air rifle and pistol standards.

Pistol and Rifle Range at a Glance

  • Permanent facility in the planning stages
  • 50-meter length
  • 10 lanes
  • No-blue-sky design
  • Motorized rail target
  • Electronic Megalink™ target scoring system