Olympic Bunker

Olympic Bunker

The Halter Center’s Olympic Bunker is the only one in Michigan and one of four in the Midwest. A pavilion set off to the side allows spectators to be close to the competition, but far enough away not to disturb the shooters.

Olympic Bunker Specifics

The Olympic bunker is built into the ground and located towards the east side of the range. This setup allows for increased sound absorption and conforms to specifications and rules for international competitions.

From one of five stands, a shooter aims at targets presented by three pre-programmed throwers (left, right and center) and moves to the next station when finished. There are fifteen total throwers.

Olympic Bunker at a Glance

  • Only one in Michigan, one of four in the Midwest
  • Five stations and one spot for a shooter waiting
  • Each station has three pre-programmed throwers
  • Covered shooting line
  • Lights allow for night shooting
  • Flush field