Meeting Spaces

The AcuSport Lodge features a great room, lounge, and conference room ideal for hosting meetings and events. Each space provides unique advantages, and all have the flexibility to meet audio, visual, and presentation needs.

Great Room

The great room, which can hold up to 70 people, serves as the heart of the lodge. This impressive space features the Halter Center’s collection of rare guns and noteworthy hunting trophies from around the state and world. Leather couches set around a fireplace provide a relaxing environment ideal for socializing.

Conference Room

The AcuSport Lodge’s conference room is designed for smaller groups of up to 10. Since the space is sectioned off, it can be used either independently or in conjunction with the great room and lounge.


The lounge offers a more relaxed environment. Its direct access to the commercial kitchen makes serving meals to guests easier.

Meeting Spaces at a Glance

  • Three spaces available for meetings
  • Great room can handle up to 70 people
  • Conference room can handle up to 10 people
  • Lounge can handle up to 30 people
  • Full host of audio, visual, and presentation equipment available