Sporting Clays Course

The course’s walkable, 1.3-mile loop features 20 stations across a variety of terrains and settings that can test all skill levels. The site’s unique geography allows for the unique presentation of targets.

Sporting Clays Course Highlights

Sporting Clays Boxes

Situated throughout the course, each station features four throwers and a stable foundation for shooters with ample room for both a coach and student. Sliding doors along the side not only provide a layer of safety, but also add a competitive element by increasing or decreasing a shooter’s field of view.

Hough Tower Stand

This multilevel stand utilizes wobble traps that produce a more variable flight path than a traditional thrower. The voice-release system allows five shooters to use the station simultaneously.

Ridge Stations

The Halter Center sits on a former gravel pit, which features large ridges. This unique topography allows throwers to be placed on lower ground so targets can be thrown from below the shooter.

Sporting Clays Course at a Glance

  • 1.3-mile course
  • 20 stations
  • Varied terrain makes the course unique
  • Ridge component allowing targets to be flung from below the shooter
  • Sporting clay boxes featuring sliding doors to add another level of safety and challenge

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