Shooting Range

AcuSport Lodge

Built in 2013, the AcuSport Lodge serves as the primary space for classroom activities, meetings, and conferences. Designed to feel like a hunting lodge, the facility provides a full array of modern amenities, including meeting space for groups of up to 70 people.

Great Room

The great room, which can hold up to 70 people, serves as the heart of the lodge. This impressive space features the Halter Center’s collection of rare guns and noteworthy hunting trophies from around the state and world. Leather couches set around a fireplace provide a relaxing environment ideal for socializing.

Conference Room

The AcuSport Lodge’s conference room is designed for smaller groups of up to 10. Since the space is sectioned off, it can be used either independently or in conjunction with the great room and lounge.

Conference Room


The lounge offers a more relaxed environment. Its direct access to the commercial kitchen makes serving meals to guests easier.

AcuSport Lounge at a Glance

  • Great room featuring some record-breaking trophies and rare firearms
  • Meeting facilities
  • Patio with a pergola and outdoor fireplace
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Full audio/visual technology


The commercial-grade kitchen is designed to serve meals for groups both large and small. Hillsdale’s on-campus food service can help event planners that need additional assistance develop menus to suit a variety of tastes.

Patio and Outdoor Fireplace

Located just outside of the great room, the patio is ideal for outdoor gatherings for up to 30 people. When temperatures drop, the pergola fireplace radiates heat up and out, keeping the entire patio-area warm.

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