Safety: It’s built into the classes and the range itself.

Safety is of the utmost importance at the Halter Center. All classes incorporate extensive training on the proper use of firearms and the range. Additionally, the facility is designed to keep users as safe as possible.

Instructor teaching proper gun handling to student.


Regardless of prior experience, Hillsdale students must first pass the National Rifle Association’s Home Safety course. The two-week program is at the start of Intro to Shooting Sports and addresses rules related to:

  • gun handling
  • targets
  • behavior

To refresh and reinforce the firearm and range rules taught in Intro to Shooting Sports, the other shooting classes begin with a mandatory safety component.

Camps and Seminars

At every camp, such as Ladies for Liberty and Junior Shoot, attendees receive a safety briefing and an introduction to the proper handling of firearms.

Instructor teaching a shotgun class.
Several shooting sports members on the archery range.

Safety Signage

The range’s rules are posted on large signs around the grounds. This is to remind users that safe, respectful behavior and proper firearms handling procedures are expected of all students and guests. Any deviation is not tolerated.

Range Design

The range is specifically designed to maximize the safety of all shooters while challenging their marksmanship skills. The orientation of and the distance between shooting stations allows multiple shooters to utilize the range with high levels of safety and comfort.

Aerial view of the John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center.


Wayne LaPierre, NRA
Lecture by Wayne LaPierre

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John R. Lott Jr. giving speech on media bias against guns.
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