Classes for Hillsdale Students

Shooting Sports Classes


Prior experience is not required for enrollment in shooting sports classes. Each student, however, is required to take Intro to Shooting Sports, regardless of skill level.

In this class, instructors teach the National Rifle Association’s home safety course, history of firearms, firearms laws, and basic marksmanship. After completion, students can take classes in a variety of disciplines.

Please note that the range is about five miles from campus, and the school does not provide transportation. Many students carpool to class, and instructors assist in making arrangements for those without vehicles.

Classes at a Glance

  • Intro to Shooting Sports is the prerequisite for each class
  • To maximize range time and one-on-one instruction, classes do not exceed 20 students
  • Many students carpool to the range, which helps those without cars
  • Hillsdale provides all equipment
  • Each course includes a safety component