Classes for Hillsdale Students


Rifle is a one-credit sports studies course. Classes are two hours long and meet once a week for eight weeks. Safety and shooting equipment is provided for dry- and live-fire exercises. Introduction to Shooting Sports is the class’s only prerequisite.
The goal of the rifle class is to introduce shooters to the sport of rifle shooting in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Week Description
Week 1:Mandatory safety briefing
Week 2:The parts and proper operating of a rifle, shooting fundamentals, and dry-fire exercises
Weeks 3-6:Air range time with emphasis on range-specific protocol, shooting positions, sight alignment, trigger control, and live-fire exercise
Weeks 7-8:Outdoor range time and incorporation of .22 Rimfire and target games

Instructor must verify that students have participated and learned the skills required to move forward each week.