Classes for Hillsdale Students

Basic Shotgun

Basic Shotgun is a one-credit sports studies course. Classes are two hours long and meet once a week for eight weeks. Safety and shooting equipment is provided. Students are encouraged to use their own shotguns, if they have one.

Instruction includes an evaluation of eye dominance, proper gun fit, and a good gun mount. Introduction to Shooting Sports is the class’s only prerequisite.

The week-to-week focus is becoming successful on clay targets. Students begin the range time component of the class in week two, taking just a few shots to get comfortable. Within a few short weeks, however, they are shooting full rounds of 25 trap targets. It is a great break from studies and an ideal activity for spending time with friends.

Closeup of a student firing a shotgun.
Week Description
Week 1:Mandatory safety briefing
Weeks 2-8: Fundamental safety and marksmanship skills on the clay target range, specifically teaching the game of trap