About Our Staff

About Our Staff

The Halter Center’s staff consists of one full-time member and various instructors, part-time employees, and volunteers. Collectively, the group holds a number of range safety and shooting sports teaching certifications. This helps ensure the Halter Center operates in a safe manner and provides the highest caliber teaching.

Range Master


Bartley Spieth

Range Master

Bart first visited the Halter Center in 2007 when was it was still under construction. Inspired by the potential of what he saw, he first volunteered as a shotgun teacher. As his passion for the center grew, so did his role, eventually becoming range master. In this position, he oversees all of the Halter Center’s operations, including classes and seminars.

  • NRA:Pistol Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Rifle, Instructor, Safety in the Home Instructor, Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer
  • NRA: Pistol Instructor, Level 1 Pistol Coach, Level 3, Rifle Coach, Level 2 Shotgun Coach, Reloading Instructor, Range, Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer
  • National Archery Association: Certified Archery Instructor
  • Civilian Marksmanship Program: Certified Master Rifle Instructor, Camp Riflery Instructor
  • National Sporting Clays Association: Level 2 Instructor



Adam Burlew

Shotgun Team Administrator
  • NRA Certifications: Pistol Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Rifle, Instructor, Home Firearms Safety Instructor, Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Police Officer with the City of Litchfield
  • Graduate of:
    • Patriot Defense Training’s Carbine 1, Handgun 1, Shotgun 1, and 20-Hour Emergency Medical Training Course
    • Haley Strategic’s D3 Carbine Vehicle Darkness
    • Ann Arbor Arms Academy’s Home Defense Shoot House, taught by Steve Fisher
    • MDFI’s Low Light Long Gun Course

Michael Carl

  • SCTP certification, NRA/USA Shotgun Coach