About the Halter Shooting Sports Education Center

Our History

In 2007, the estate of Roland L. Ebersole provided a gift to establish shooting sports scholarships at Hillsdale College. To help realize that goal, the school first used a portion of the funds to purchase land for a shooting range. The facility opened a year later, and Hillsdale added the first basic shotgun class to the course roster, the first of many shooting-related classes to follow.

A few years later, John Anthony Halter, an avid shooter and staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, made another major contribution to the range. With his gift, the school established a funding endowment for the facility and created the John Anthony Halter Endowed Chair in American History and the Constitution at Hillsdale.

Mission & Purpose

The Halter Shooting Sports Education Center’s purpose is to expose a new generation to shooting sports, encourage older shooters to return to the sport and to bring the ideas of liberty to life. This is a mission unmatched by any school in the country.

New and experienced marksmen at Hillsdale and in the community have a place to participate in shooting sports on an ongoing basis. Plus, the educational component allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of what the Second Amendment guarantees and the importance of protecting that freedom.

Collegiate Purpose

  • Develop competitive collegiate team
  • Introduce new shooters to the sport
  • Promote interest in shooting sports

Educational Purpose

  • Coordinate seminars with range events
  • Teach using faculty and guest lecturers
  • Emphasize the Constitution and its goals


Yes, the public can use the facility during scheduled events and activities. Plus, regular users can have the opportunity to purchase sporting clays memberships.

Hillsdale students can take both basic and advanced classes in shotgun, pistol, rifle and archery.

No. Individuals of all abilities are welcome and there are various classes and events to help introduce beginners to basics of shooting handguns and shotguns.

Contact info


The times the range is open to the public vary. Please call (517) 610-5593 for the current operating hours.